Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi blamed the verdict, stating that there’s no parallel or illustration of it in the law of vilification.


The Congress party stated on Friday that the denial by the Gujarat High Court to stay the discipline of Rahul Gandhi in the Modi surname comment case is disappointing but not unanticipated. Congress leader and elderly advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi said that there’s no similarity between the legal justice of the High Court and the Sessions Court.

“This is a frustrating choice, yet all the same not an unforeseen bone. The legal justice set up in this decision is unique and exceptional. In the absence of a better word, I would say that there’s no parallel or illustration of it in the law of vilification,” Singhvi said during a press conference.

The Gujarat High Court dismissed Gandhi’s plea on Friday, which had sought a stay on his discipline in the felonious vilification case for his” Modi surname” comment. While rejecting Rahul Gandhi’s plea, Justice Hemant Prachhak said that it was” fit, proper, and legal” for the lower court to order a shamefaced verdict against the Congress leader.

The court stated that there’s no valid base to stay the discipline.

In 2019, during an election rally in Kolar, Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi had asked,” Why is the common surname for all stealers, be it Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi, or Narendra Modi, Modi?”

On March 23, a Surat metropolitan justice court had doomed Rahul Gandhi to two times in captivity in the 2019 case filed by BJP Gujarat MLA Purnesh Modi, charging him under sections 499 and 500( felonious vilification) of the Indian Penal Code( IPC).

Singhvi said that it’s nearly insolvable to demonstrate how the entire community has been disgraced and defamed.

” There’s no once delineation where a whole local area has been shamed, and the discipline has not been remained. It’s absolutely clear that this is an orchestrated attempt against Rahul Gandhi,” he added.

Singhvi also expressed astonishment and surprise regarding the environment of other felonious cases filed against Rahul Gandhi by the judges, including a case filed by Veer Savarkar’s grandchildren.

” How is this applicable? After this complaint, another complaint was filed in a Pune court by Veer Savarkar’s grandchildren for the depreciatory statement against Veer Savarkar made by Gandhi. Another complaint against him was filed in a affiliated court in Lucknow,” the judge said. He further stated that the turndown to stay the shamefaced verdict in the case of vilification against the aspirant in any way doesn’t affect in injustice.

Singhvi advised that the decision by the Gujarat High Court affects every existent and considers the case a significant legal battle, anyhow of anyone’s involvement. “as a general rule, it’s a battle to restrict the compass of the right to speak freely of discourse. It’s a directive on what can be said and what can not be said. On top of that, it’s saying that freedom of speech is what feels good to us, not what the law says. hereafter, a intelligencer will be labeled scandalous because a person claims, without any substantiation, that the statement has hurt an entire uncelebrated community,” he said.

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