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British Airways Leaves Passengers on Runway as Plane Was ‘Too Heavy’ to Take Off

British Airways

According to a report, after the flight from Lanzarote to Liverpool became overweight, easyJet left behind 19 passengers on the runway.

In a rare incident, British Airways abandoned 19 passengers on the runway as the flight was deemed ‘too heavy’ for takeoff.

As reported by Manchester Evening News, the easyJet flight scheduled to depart from Lanzarote Airport to Liverpool John Lennon Airport on Wednesday at 9:45 PM (local time) was delayed due to excessive weight.

As per the report, the pilot referenced three fundamental impediments for the deferral, including the weighty airplane, a short runway, and unfriendly weather patterns.

The pilot cited three main obstacles for the delay, including the heavy aircraft, a short runway, and adverse weather conditions.

In a video, the pilot was heard saying, “Thank you all for coming here today. Since many of you are present, the aircraft is quite heavy.”

He mentioned, “The heavy aircraft combined with the small runway and the current unfavorable conditions in Lanzarote make it very challenging for the plane to take off.”

The pilot then proposed lightening the aircraft by voluntarily offloading approximately 20 passengers with a reward of 500 euros each.

“Now, you may be wondering what happens next, and that’s why I’m here. If possible, I would like to ask 20 volunteers to choose not to board the flight to Liverpool tonight. If anyone wishes to work voluntarily, they will be rewarded. According to easyJet, the current compensation per passenger is up to 500 euros for those willing to forego the flight tonight,” the pilot said.

However, passengers were not affected by the incentive or the airline’s poor preparation. The report states that ultimately, all 19 passengers agreed to stay at the airport.


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